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How to celebrate 25,000 tweets

25k Tweets for $2,500 or DonorsChooseIt’s my birthday today. Thank you all for your well wishes on Facebook and Twitter.

We tend to get a little reflective as we age, today I started thinking about Twitter. I began using Twitter February 18th, 2007.

I noticed today that I am approaching my 24,000th tweet. That’s 1,000 tweets away from 25,000! That’s a lot of tweets!

I need your help please

To help celebrate my 25,000th tweet , I am planning to raise $2,500 for, but I need your help please. This initiative will help needy classrooms urgently seeking resources for Music & The Arts.

According to TweetStats, I tweet an average of 21 times a day. This means it will take me about 119 days to reach 25,000 tweets. This means I need to raise $21.00 a day to reach $2,500 for needy kids.

Is it possible? Anything is possible! All donations are tax deducible too.

Will you help me celebrate my 25,000th tweet by helping school children? I hope so. Please spread the word and let’s see if we can do this together. Don’t forget to use #25ktweets as the hashtag.

Thank you again for the birthday wishes, they mean a lot!

Head over here to help please.


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