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Consume or Create?

I’ve been consuming way more content than I’ve been creating lately. There is an endless amount of information flying at me constantly, I naively try to keep up with it. I decided to create a video to discuss the topic of balancing time between creating and consuming content.

What are you doing? Are you creating more or consuming more?


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  • Great thoughts Dave, I think there is great value in the process that we go through to create content. It's easy to consume but creating and connecting take energy. I've yet to have any really brilliant thoughts on my new blog, but you asked for links so here you go:

  • Thanks BJ. I really appreciate your comment.
    I'll check out soon.


  • rodneymccarthy


    It doesn't take much inspiration to consume. I'm not sure you can compare consumption and creativity in moralistic terms.

    I would rather you create quality than quanity. Quality makes you unique, quanity makes you average.

    Enjoyed the video. Interesting that you wore your seat belt for that one!

  • Thanks Rodney, it's great to hear from you.

    Quality over quantity is a great thought too. I agree, I would much prefer
    spend my limited time consuming quality content.

    As for the seatbelt, you never know when you're going to get rear-ended. I
    joke! I'm not paranoid, I just pulled over there to ramble for a moment.


  • I have not been creating at all lately and spending way too much time consuming. I believe though that even posting once a week is fine as long as it's consistent. As Rodney said, quality over quantity. Beyond that, leaving comments on the work of others is a meaningful yet low effort way to contribute. Good stuff, Dave.

  • Thanks. Leaving comments is a fantastic way to create. ;)


  • Hey man…

    Wanna do a very irregular show over beer or coffee? Maybe we can knock out two birds with one stone. Literally, we can drink and try to kill birds, skillfully with rocks. And slingshots.

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