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Get out

If I had the time I would get out more. I wish I could socialize in person more often with the fine technology people in Nashville, but work and family keep me pretty busy.

Tonight I had some spare time, so I was able to join the Tennessean’s Eric Shuff, Knight Stivender and Michael Cass. Together they organized a blogger meetup on behalf of the Tennessean’s new blog, OnNashville.

The meet up was held at a newer TexMex restaurant in Nashville’s Edgehill neighborhood called, Taco Mamacita. It was a great spot with good food, awesome staff and strong beer (they don’t have a liquor license yet, so they can only serve the high octane stuff).

I decided to use Qik on my iPhone as I walked into the restaurant. I’m glad I did, because I got to meet John Tumminello. John is a great guy from Staten Island, NY. He’s lived in Nashville for five years. John does artist consulting for his company, Music City Unsigned. He also runs a non-profit dedicated to finding and promoting socially responsible authors, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists called Harmony Republic.

It was fun to kick back with friends like Kate O’Neill, Travis Robertson (and his wife, forgot your name), Chuck Bryant, Christy Frink, Chris Wage, and Nathan Baker (to name just a few, sorry if I forgot you or didn’t get your name). In fact, along with the group, we were able to perform a mind blowing wave. Don’t believe me?

The moral of the story is a simple one. Get out.

Get off your couch, out of your homes, away from your computers, and meet ‘n mingle with like-minded awesome people – like these guys.


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