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Is your content your content?

Photo from Flickr by: taropDo you think Twitter will be around forever? How about Facebook? If you answered yes, may I introduce you to Friendster and Plurk?

There’s so much talk these days about blogging being dead. Many people are turning to microblogging or using free services like Posterous or Tumblr instead of hosting a blog of their own. Quite a few people who are still keen to blog turn to free blogging services like Blogger or WordPress.

These are all great services! They all rock for different reasons, but what happens to your content if they close their doors? You get what you pay for.

Here’s how to Backup your tweets

I use Tumblr and Tweetake to backup my tweets. This way I have an archive of the content I created over the years. It is our content that we must protect. Twitter owns your tweets, you don’t. Facebook owns your status updates, you don’t.

When you write a blog post on your blog you control your content. You can send your friends, fans and followers to your blog post via Twitter, Facebook or however else you choose, but the point is that you control your content.

I use WordPress, but I pay for my own hosting. I backup my content regularly, so I am confident that should something go wrong, I’ll be able to restore things.

Ask yourself this: Am I in control of my content, or is someone else?

How comfortable are you with your answer?

Photo from Flickr by: tarop


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  • I treat everything on Twitter, Facebook, etc. (even Gmail, in a pinch) as disposable. I'd be okay if any or all of them disappeared tomorrow. My blog I expect to last, and I treat it accordingly. Easy!

  • Thanks Derek. That's what I've been thinking too.
    I'm concerned because it's easier and free to share it all elsewhere,
    rather than host it yourself.

    I see the trend going toward the free side, without peope stopping to
    think about the potential consequences.