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Gary Vaynerchuk crushes SXSW

One of my highlights from SXSW this year was seeing Gary Vaynerchuk live. Hat tip to Jessica Murray for letting me know that this video is online. This is a clip from Gary’s presentation which was amazing.

Watch this right now. Tell me he doesn’t leave you enthusiastic! I recommend you pick up a copy of his book, Crush It (affiliate link) for more inspiration.


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  • DirkHoag

    Great stuff Dave, thanks for posting. It helps me feel a little bit better after missing Geek Breakfast today.

  • :) We'll see ya next time!

  • Thanks for the share, Dave. His last rant was the best – well worth 7 minutes today.

  • This was my highlight as well from SXSW. This and attending the his wine party the night before. I even remember tweeting the same quote as you and saying hi on Twitter, but never met in person :( I loved the part when he said you can't scale caring it's not authentic.

  • Thanks Jennifer. Let's be sure to connect next time.

    Gary was so good, he still has me pumped. That quote is smart too.

    I wish more sessions were as inspiring as Gary's.

    Did you see any others that you liked?