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5 tips for SXSW

I am very excited to be attending SXSW Interactive! The sessions are always great quality and connecting with new and old friends is always a highlight. In the last three years I’ve learned a few things, so I’ve included five tips below before you head to Austin.

If you’re going to be there please be sure to let me know, follow me on Twitter and Foursquare. Here’s a quick list of where I plan to be:

5 Tips for SXSW

1. SMS works when AT&T doesn’t.

Even though AT&T have assured us that the 3G network will be strong, remember that should issues arise turn on SMS on Twitter to stay connected to your friends.

2. The 7 1/2 Floor.

The Blogger Lounge is usually on the third floor in the Austin Convention Center, it’s tricky to find. Walk through the main doors of the building and stay right. Walk down that hall until you find an escalator on your right. Take the escalator up to the third floor and the lounge should be ahead on your right.

3. What happens at SXSW stays on the Internet.

Christopher S. Penn has said this many times on his popular Marketing Over Coffee podcast. SXSW is “the” conference where you can make your career… and destroy it.

There are plenty of parties to attend, go easy on your drinking. Remember that you’re surrounded by thousands of people who will be filming everything, tagging it and uploading it online for our viewing pleasure.

4. Bring power!

You know I won’t be attending SXSW without my PowerDuo Reserve and TuneJuice Universal in tow. This isn’t a blatant ad for Griffin (my employer), I swear. Bring whichever power source you have, but be sure to bring it. You’ll be depending on your mobile device to stay connected with your friends, so don’t let the battery go to red.

5. Friends

Much of the magic at SXSW occurs outside of the Conference Center. Many of my highlights over the years have been the meals I’ve had with new and old friends. See number 4. Stay connected and watch for where your friends are.

Consider making a list on Twitter to follow your friends who are attending the conference. Get yourself set up on Foursquare and Gowalla now, so you’ll be able to let them know where you are as you check-in.

Did I miss any tips?


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