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20 people you should know

PodCamp Nashville was a massive success this past weekend. The blog posts and tweets have been so positive.

While the mandate of Podcamp is that everyone is equal and everyone is a rock star, there are some rock stars I want to highlight here.

These stars are the people who spent their Tuesday evenings meeting for the past few months. They spent endless hours tweaking documents, writing copy, designing ads, brainstorming marketing ideas, contacting sponsors, scheduling sessions, confirming location logistics, managing budget, and much, much more. They are the PodCamp Nashvile 2010 crew.

Scott Justice
Andrew Duthie
Julie Moore
Lucas Hendrickson
Dani Heileman
Erin Cubert
Brad Blackman
Brett Henley
Julia Corrigan
John Ellis
Stephen Yeargin
Darren Crawford
Jason Beck
May Hwen
Courtenay Rogers
Jessica Murray
Chuck Bryant
Les Gebhardt
Kate O’Neill
Thomas Vaughn

I’ve created a Twitter list of the PCN10 Crew you can follow to see what these incredible people are tweeting. I’d advise following it for a wealth of genius and humor.

Without these people there wouldn’t have been a PodCamp 2010. Next time you see them please say thank you, buy them a drink, give them a hug!

And thank YOU if you attended or sponsored PCN10.

Fan us on Facebook for PodCamp 2011. We’ll need your help, so consider becoming a rock star now.


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