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PodCamp equals freedom of expression

PodCamp Nashville

I’ve been really enjoying the #pcto2010 tweets, photos and blog posts from PodCamp Toronto this weekend. I was bummed I had to miss it for the first time in four years. Watching the quality content flow online from the popular unconference has me even more excited for the third PodCamp Nashville on March 6.

My friend Susan Murphy AKA @suzemuse is busy enjoying the shenanigans in Toronto,  but found the time to write a thoughtful blog post about the goodness that is PodCamp. Of course it all came from a conversation with my good pal, the Scarborough Dude.

She wrote:

It’s free. Not  just free, in the monetary sense. The entire concept is one of freedom. It doesn’t matter who I am, where I come from, how old I am, what I know or don’t know, how I dress, how much money I have, or what colour my hair is. I can decide I want to share something, and in one click I can become part of the event. I am free to tell my story and start a conversation around it. Others are free to join that conversation. The fundamental point of an un-conference is freedom of expression. And when there is total freedom of expression in an environment, amazing things start to happen.

Like PodCamp Toronto, PodCamp Nashville is also free. Everything she has written holds true to PCN10 as well.

It’s a common misconception that New Media Un-conferences are about technology…that in order to get anything out of it you’ve got to be a tech geek of some sort. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, these are not technology events at all. They are human events. And because they are human events, they require one thing that enables freedom…

This is a continued issue we have with Nashville’s un-conferences like BarCamp and PodCamp and events like the Geek Breakfast. People think you need to be super technologically savvy to attend – you don’t. Learning, networking and having fun is a major factor in why the above exist. You should come!

Suze continues by discussing the fact that the medium is the message, a line made famous by Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar, Marshall McLuhan.

Give her post a read and tell me how you’re not excited for PodCamp Nashville. Are you coming?


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