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Bummed about PodCamp

PodCamp Toronto 2010I’m excited and disappointed. I’m excited because my dad and his wife are coming to visit us. I’m disappointed because they are coming on the one weekend of the year that I want to be in Toronto. I’m truly bummed to be missing PodCamp Toronto.

Each year hundreds of bloggers, podcasters and social media savvy peeps gather at Ryerson University for a weekend of amazing presentations, hallway discussions and barroom chatter. Even the mall cafeterias are a buzz with tech talk, no thanks to Julien – I kid :).

Anyone in the Toronto area on February 20th and 21st with an ounce of interest in new media would be nuts not to attend. It’s free!

PodCamp Toronto is the one time of the year that I can be reunited with my Canadian podcasting and blogging brothers and sisters. I know I will see many of them at SXSW Interactive, but it’s also so nice to get home once in a while.

I’ll be thinking about you guys. Oh heck, I’ll probably be there in the Twitter backchannel and Ustream chatroom like usual. Hell, I’ll even brew some Tim Hortons, because my dad knows the rules when he comes to visit.


Image from Flickr by: picard102


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  • Sorry to hear that Dave. They should have known better to come down when you plan on being out of town. Is it possible to replan or has this been in the works for some time now?

  • johnmeadows

    You'll be missed!

  • They are actually returning from Florida by car. The date couldn't be
    helped. It's not their fault.

    Thanks for bringing it up though. I should have mentioned that it's
    just a case of bad timing.

  • Thanks John. You guys too!
    I plan to be home during the summer, so I'll shoot for a tweet up.
    I'll keep ya posted.

    Have fun. Please tell everyone hi from me.

  • You should kidnap 'em and take them with you! (Kidding of course)

  • Ha!

  • Dang ,,, and I had some more Toques and Ball Caps for you too …
    Hope to catch you in the Summer Dave .. have fun with the folks

  • Thanks man. I'll see you in the summer for sure. Have fun!

  • I'll miss you there Dave. I almost started talking to a dude and the Imperial Pub last night who looked like you, but he wasn't you.

  • Sorry for that. He's my understudy. ;)
    Please send my best to everyone.
    Have fun!

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