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My 3 favorite Super Bowl ads and the #brandbowl chatter

I was honestly more entertained by my friends on Twitter during the Super Bowl than the game itself. The game was close, but football isn’t really my thing. I must say that I’m thrilled that New Orleans won though. No offense Indianapolis, but I’ve never been there before.

The backchannel Twitter chatter was more about the advertising and halftime show than the game itself, which suited me fine. We all used the #brandbowl hashtag to follow the commentary and jokes during the breaks.

Overall the famously over-priced commercials were nothing to write home about, however three did stand out to me. Here they are:

Yes, I’ll admit that this one was a promo. Still, it was classic. Here’s the full story of how it came to be. Thanks to Leslie Poston for pointing me to the New York Times piece.

Admit it, this one was touching. Way to go Google!
The tweets cracked me up over this spot. Rex Hammock wrote: I wonder if Google found its ad agency by googling “ad agency”, and Chris Pirillo tweeted: Sweet new search engine Google – found out about them on a Super Bowl Commercial. Looks VERY promising.
You guys kill me!

The Kia one was my favorite, it reminded me of my recent road trip to Las Vegas. I am also a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba!, so it was appealing right away when I saw Muno.

What did you think of the Super Bowl advertising? Did you have any favorite spots?


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