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Don’t miss this one

Photo from Flickr by: ★ spunkinator

It’s pretty simple. If you haven’t registered for the third PodCamp Nashville yet you need your head examined.

On Saturday, March 6th we’re throwing our third PodCamp and you’re invited. We’re expecting around 500 people!

If you have any interest in social networking sites, podcasting, blogging, micro-blogging, real-time web, online community, or just about anything Web 2.0 and beyond, then you need to be there. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you’re a student, professional or hobbyist PodCamp Nashville is for you. This is the event that is built for our community by our community.

Each year I read tweets and comments by people who kick themselves for not attending. This year if you don’t make it there’s no excuse (and you deserve to be kicked). I guarantee you’ll have a blast or your money back*.

Now stop reading this blog and go get yourself registered before space fills up —–>


Image from Flickr by: ★ spunkinator

* PodCamp is free. Always. :)


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