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I Kiva spammed you – sorry

Last night I was updating my account, the popular micro-loaning non profit. I love the way I can loan out money to entrepreneurs who need it to survive. What’s great is that they gradually reimburse me, so I can re-loan the funds to other people in need.

I was busy doing ten things at once last night on the computer, nothing new there. The ten things included re-loaning money in my Kiva account.

Part of the checkout process includes an option to invite friends to join Kiva. I did this, but had only intended to send the invite to a few people, not my entire Gmail contacts. Oops. :oops:

I’ve already received a handful of replies from you, the majority have been really positive. Kiva is a great organization that I’m proud to be a member of. However, I didn’t mean to spam you all with a Kiva invite.

I apologize for the mix up. I hope we can still be buds.



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  • I’m totally unfollowing you for that.

    Just kidding. :)

  • No worries! I figured it was something like that, you're not the type to send out invites in triplicate to people. ;)

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  • Ha ha!
    Happy belated BTW. Sorry I couldn't make the bash.

  • Thanks buddy.

  • When I saw the post, I thought you were sending me information on Kiva as we had discussed this on a previous occasion. I told you that I am honored to know you and think the charities and groups that you give money to are worthy causes. I may start doing this in April.

    However, for this month, I decided to give my full 10% of my income to my Sister from January through March. She is running the Music City Marathon and requesting donations in honor of my Aunt and a colleague of hers that are fighting Cancer. The money is going towards medical research. Sorry, I did not mean to hijack your thread.

    Even though you did not mean to send it to everyone, I am glad you sent it to me.

  • I heard Kiva's founder speak last August at the annual Willowcreek Leadership Conference. I was very impressed with what they're doing. If you're going to “spam” everyone in your contacts list, I can't think of a better organization to promote. No harm no foul, Dave. :-)

  • Thanks Jeff.

  • Thanks Kevin. Best of luck to your sister too.

    You're a very generous person to be donationing 10% of your income to
    worthy causes.

    Keep up the great work buddy.