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A small business with a big heart

How One Business Is Helping The Unemployed ….Unemployment isn’t going away, it effects us all at some point in our careers. While the statistics have shown decreases in unemployment in many areas in the country, the percentage is still troubling.

What’s refreshing is to see how some businesses are doing their part to help those going through rough patches. Plaza Cleaners in Portland, Oregon is offering free dry cleaning to those in need for a clean suit for a job interview. Read the full post on Applicant, a great blog for job seekers.

Do you know of a local business doing something great for the unemployed? What would you do if you owned a small business to help?

Photo from Applicant


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  • So here is his contact info:

    Thomas Ryan Designs

  • loriparanjape

    Hey Dave-
    @RedoDesign here…
    One of our vendors is a graphic designer who makes gorgeous decorative railroad signs for us.
    When his business grows enough, he plans to hire homeless people who hang out at the local mission to cut the wood, prep the boards and paint for him.
    We think shopping locally is the best way to do business… and we love doing business with people who feel the same way.
    Thanks for your great article!

    Lori Paranjape
    Redo Home & Design
    Franklin, TN

  • So, I bet you want his contact info, huh?
    Thomas Ryan Designs

  • That's amazing! Thanks.

  • pbf

    Absolutely ! Some of the more creative ideas flourish in hard times.
    There is a great NPR podcast from last week, about a Deli owner who uses Dow's Surge to draw business.
    Here's the link:

    Thank you for the lovely snow flaks covering my screen while typing these words :) and Happy Holidays Dave.

  • Thank you for sharing this!

  • DennisCovet

    That's really refreshing to know that people care. I work for Trianz and we're making a plan right now for the homeless too, hopefully by next year we'll have the project up and running.

  • Please keep me posted about it Dennis.