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Viva Las Vegas

CES Bound On December 30th I’m departing Nashville with a few friends from work. We’re driving a 1972 VW Westfalia nearly 1,500 miles to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We’re calling the trip: CES BOUND.

Along the way we’ll be stopping in several cities for meet ups. I would really love to see you if you’re available. I’d also appreciate you spreading the word if you have friends in the cities that we’ll be passing through. We’ll also be stopping for lunch meet ups and coffee and gas along the way.

We’ll be buying some drinks and giving away Griffin products, Threadless tee shirts and more. You can RSVP for the meet ups in:

New Orleans, Decemeber 30th

Austin, New Year’s Eve

Phoenix, January 1st

If you’re going to CES be sure to pop by the Griffin booth to check out the bus and the goodies we’ll be bringing along. That’s right, we’re parking the bus “in” our booth!

We’ll also be posting blog posts, photos, tweets, videos and much more from the road.

If you’re a blogger and you’d like to cover our journey please let me know. I’d love to share more of the details with anyone interested. It’s going to be an insane trip!

Have a look at the state of the bus at Thanks for your support.


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