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It’s 2,476 miles to Vegas

CES Bound 1972 VW WestyIn 28 days I will be departing Nashville in a 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia bus. Together with four friends from work, we’re hitting the road for a 2,476 mile road trip to Las Vegas for CES. We’re calling the trip CES Bound.

It’s hilarious to me that I did a similar trip in a VW bus back in 1994 with four friends from Toronto. Together we traveled down to Mexico, but ended up ending our journey in Texas (that’s a whole other story).

The CES Bound bus was in very rough shape when we purchased it off an ad in Craigslist. The engine needed replacing, the body covered in grime and rust, the floor with holes in it. Together we’ve been restoring it using Griffin’s staff of really talented people. It’s become a labor of love.

We’ve been producing videos to document our adventures so far. We’ll be sharing videos, photos, tweets and blog posts from the road when we depart on December 30th.

We are also having meet ups along the way, so be sure to RSVP on the site if we’re passing through your town. I’d love to see you!

I should add that my Road Twip friends from the summer helped inspire this idea. Thanks Jolie O’Dell, Kurt Daradics and Jonathan Dingman. Thanks to C.C. Chapman for connecting us too!

If you missed it, here’s a post about their visit to Nashville and an interview with Jolie and I.

Thanks to my buddy Alistair Christl for letting us use his music in the videos too! It’s extra special for me, because he was one of the five of us in the VW bus back in ’94!

Don’t forget to follow @cesbound on Twitter for updates.


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