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Spare some change?

I was downtown in Nashville the other day around lunch time. I was on Commerce Street, which is a busy one during week days since so many offices are there.

I was running a little late to a meeting, so I was rushing to get there. I found a great spot right on the street at a meter, perfect!

When I reached into my pockets for change, I realized I had none. I decided to risk it and not pay, since I was in such a hurry. As I began to walk away an older woman stopped me and asked if I needed some change for the meter.

I was flabbergasted! The woman was with a younger woman, perhaps she was her mother. She reached into her pocket as she asked me how long I was going to be. I told her 15 minutes and she said she better give me an extra quarter, just in case. Thank you mysterious woman!

Random acts of kindness are amazing. This made my day week!

I’m lucky that I live in the friendliest city in the US, but kindness occurs everywhere. Have you run into any lately?

Photo on Flickr by: Gary Simmons


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