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Build it before you actually need it

Mitch Joel and Julien Smith

On the recent episode of Media Hacks, Julien Smith spoke with Mitch Joel about building your community. It’s a great podcast which I highly suggest you check out.

During the thirty minute conversation Julien said, “You have to build it (community) before you actually need it. If you don’t need it, now is the perfect time.” He was bang on the money with this point.

We often get complacent when we’re in a good place. When everything is lovely, we don’t want to think about things getting bad. The truth is that things will get bad, for everybody. You’re not alone. So plan for the bad before it gets bad, so it’s not as bad. Get me?

The point to this is that you need to be building your community now. Strengthen the network you have. Get out there and be social, tis’ the season to.

What are you doing to build and strengthen your relationships?

Photo on Flickr by: Bryan Person


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