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Invites, Custom Searches and a Sweet Demo of Google Wave

Many people have been asking what Google Wave is, or better yet what you can do with it. Good Will Hunting fans will love this demo. It’s not safe for work :) .

Here’s a few tricks to create some custom searches which I found on Lifehacker. They will help get you started. Without these searches and friends to play with Google Wave with it’s a lot like your first days using Twitter. Remember those?

with:public – will create a search to show you public waves.
in:inbox – will show waves just sent to you (replace you with your username).
onlyto:me is:unread: shows unread waves that are directed only to you.
creator:me -is:note: waves you have created and added other people to.
is:note: these are waves you’ve started but have shared with nobody else, a perfect way to write notes to yourself.

If you’re not on Google Wave let me know. I have a few invites to give out to some lucky people who leave me a comment below (be sure to include your email address). First come first serve kids!

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