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How to Avoid Being Scammed on Twitter

Phishing scams are not foreign to Twitter and other social networking sites. Here’s three tips to avoid becoming a victim.

1. Never click a link from someone you don’t know. It’s simple. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

2. Always judge a person by their avatar and username. Typically if the avatar is an attractive female (or their anatomy) and the username is a scramble of letters and numbers they should be blocked and marked as spam.
Twitter scam

I use Troy’s Script and Power Twitter in Firefox. Together they reveal the full link from a truncated link, plus previews pictures and videos. You also get an alert at the top of the window indicating what type of user the Twitter person is (click the image below for a better look at the red line). I have a full tutorial on using Troy’s Script and Power Twitter here.
Troy's Script

3. If you click and link and it takes you to a log in page, ALWAYS look at the URL. This applies to every link you click. Phishing schemes would be stopped altogether if we all told our friends and loved ones to do this.
How To Protect Yourself on Twitter

These three tips will help to ensure that you use Twitter safely. Do you have any tips I missed?


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