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Twitter Avatars

Twitter default avatarMy friend, Keith Burtis, has a great conversation on his blog about branded avatars on Twitter. The question is whether a company should use a human face or a logo, or both like Scott Monty does at Ford.

Keith makes a great point about corporate accounts with multiple people tweeting, it’s just not possible to include all of their faces, so a logo makes sense.

Chris Brogan begins his list on getting started in social media (well worth the read BTW) with the point:

Take a reasonably decent photo of yourself for an avatar pic. Size it to 100×100 pixels if you can. (most services want this as a default). If you’re shy off the bat, put something more fun than your corporate logo.

I tend to agree with this, but in my case tweeting as @griffintech at work, it makes more sense to use our logo. I do this because people following Griffin on Twitter are following because they want news about new products, contests and promotions. I do my best to create lasting relationships as @griffintech too, please don’t misunderstand my point. It’s just that followers recognize the Griffin logo over my mug.

I also tend to do a fair amount of personal tweeting as @davedelaney (perhaps a tweet brought you here today, welcome!). If I were to use my face as @griffintech it could confuse friends who are following me both as @davedelaney and as @griffintech.


A bigger issue for me has always been about changing avatars. It drives me crazy when people frequently change their appearance on Twitter. My timeline is cluttered enough as it is for me to not even recognize my friends.

Are you building your personal brand on Twitter? Next time you’re tempted to change your avatar consider how often you see Coke and McDonalds change their logos. Your personal avatar “is” your logo.

What do you think?


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