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Overcoming Digital Overload | How To Slow Down The Tetrominoes

Tetris Game OverAre you like me? Do you feel like you’re nearing the end of a game of Tetris? Are the Tetrominoes falling too quickly for you to slide them into place to move to the next level?

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. I feel like I’m constantly receiving data, so quickly that I don’t have the time to process it all. Of course I only have myself to blame, it’s my obsession to stay on top of emerging technology and news.

I feel like I need a daily moment of zen, a chance to unplug completely.

These are things I’ll admit to doing:

– reading and writing tweets and text messages from the car (at stop lights, etc. which is still stupid of me)
– reading Google Reader on my iPhone in the bathroom
– waking up in the middle of the night tweeting and reading feeds in bed
– listening to tech and marketing podcasts from the moment I leave my front door until the moment I literally sit at my desk
– walking and texting, tweeting and writing emails
– multitasking to the point that my computer freezes up because IT can’t keep up with ME!

I need to force myself to stop playing for a while. Like Tetris, I know there’s no way to beat the speed of information. Game over is inevitable.

Are the Tetrominoes overwhelming you too? What are you doing to help slow the flow and to process the information?


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