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How To Lose Weight: A Tip

Fat not PhatI’ve been trying to lose some weight. I’m not a big guy necessarily, but I know I have a few pounds to lose. It’s not just about the outer body too, we often get on diets to better our looks forgetting that it’s our inside we should really be looking out for.

Every so often I find myself in a fast food restaurant, you likely do to. I’ve learned a little trick to help curb my appetite when I’m ordering. I look around at the people ordering and eating.

It’s sad to see so many obese people, but it’s a real eye-opener. Adding the pounds is much faster than losing them.

Next time the cashier asks if you would like to super-size your meal, or when you’re about to order those extra chicken nuggets, basket of nacho chips, or re-fill your soda, look at the people in the restaurant.

Better yet don’t even tempt yourself by entering a fast food joint in the first place. Some of them don’t deserve our business.

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