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Stun Your Friends With This iPhone Card Trick

Penn & Teller The Refrigerator Tour

Back in 1991 my mum bought my brother and I tickets to see Penn & Teller live. I was so excited, because I was already a huge fan. Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time in a fantastic magic store in Toronto called Browser’s Den. I even ended up creating a magic trick for my employer, Griffin Technology, way before I got a job there.

Over the years I bought every Penn & Teller book and video. I also watched every episode of their award-winning Showtime series, Bullshit!, I recommend you check it out some time. Then one day they sort of dropped off the planet, assuming Las Vegas is not part of this planet (they have a regular gig there).

P&T had occasional appearances on shows and such, but I didn’t see any new stuff that I could sink my teeth into like their classic books, which includes tons of tricks and a few goodies. Then I heard news of an iPhone app in development for the bad boys of magic.

Well the app is available now, but hold on to your horses for just a second. Let me tell you what this does first… actually forget that just watch the video (not safe for work or children).

The trick is simple, but the execution is brilliant.

Your victim picks a card and tells it to you. You punch up your SMS on your iPhone. Said victim sends Penn or Teller (they’re your friends you know?) a text message asking them what their card is. Penn or Teller replies with some hilarious messages, then of course they reveal your victim’s card. Awesome!

What are you waiting for? Go get this app now and freak your friends and family out. Welcome back P&T!


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