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The Millennium Biltmore Gets It

This is a quick shout out to a company that gets it.

As soon as I was home from Seattle last week, I was asked to go to LA for the weekend for work with my friend Currey. The assignment was a fun one, to man the Griffin table in the talent gifting lounge at the Daytime Emmy Awards. You can read all about who we met on the Griffin blog.

One of the highlights was staying at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. It was among the closest hotels to the Orpheum Theatre, so it made sense that we camp out there.

The historic property is gorgeous. I had a great view from my spacious room, a wonderful swim in the morning, and was entertained by the classic photos of previous guests at functions like the 1937 Ninth Annual Awards of Merit Presentation Dinner.

I explained to the bartender, Daniel Rodriguez, that the photos reminded me of the creepy one in film, The Shining. You know, the one that featured a smiling Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel.

He explained that he had a run in with a ghost at the bar as he was closing one night, he saw a small person exit the store room only to turn around and run back in. He was alone though. When he searched the room through the only door, he found nobody there. Spooky.

So why do I say that this business gets it? Not because of the beauty and upkeep of the building, and not because of the outgoing bartender. Although I should add that those features all contribute to a fantastic hotel experience. They get it because of what happened the next day.

As I waited at the airport to return home I got a tweet from @BiltmoreLA that read, “@davedelaney Hope you enjoyed your stay with us!!”.

It’s so easy to reach out and touch your customers like the BiltmoreLA did. Have you had any memorable experiences with a business on Twitter recently?




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