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How To Stop Spam

Photo by: lyzadanger

A few weeks ago at Gnomedex one of the speakers sparked a thought in my head. Admitted ex-black hat spammer, Todd Friesen spoke to the crowd about how he use to spam blog and forum comments and create splogs for money. I should add here that he seems like a good guy now, so give him a break. It took him a lot of courage to get up on stage and admit to what he use to do.

During the Question & Answer period I challenged him to connect with Ronni Bennett, a self-titled “elder blogger”. I met Ronni at Gnomedex three years ago when she spoke about browser and content design for our elders. Ronni’s blog has a big audience of older folks as subscribers and contributors. Her blog seemed like a perfect place for Todd to write a post about how spammers operate.

I’ve been thinking about how we can help educate our parents and grandparents on how to identify spam and phishing schemes. The truth is that online scams would not exist if they did not work. The very young would be naive enough to fall for spam online, but they do not have bank accounts. This leaves me assuming that the majority of victims are the older people in our lives.

How can we teach our elders to spot a scam online?

Photo by: lyzadanger


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