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Live Blogging from Gnomedex

11:28:41 AM: We’re getting started now #gnomedex

11:29:30 AM: The Art of the Interview: Warren Etheredge #gnomedex

11:31:00 AM: Testing Twitter Liveblogging.

11:32:01 AM: Etheredge talking aout paying attention. Ironic that we’re tweeting this. :-)

11:32:40 AM: #1 job LISTEN #gnomedex

11:33:09 AM: Don’t bring questions to an interview. You’re there to learn something. #gnomedex

11:33:31 AM: Don’t make people fit the stories we already have in our heads. Don’t lead questions. #gnomedex

11:34:40 AM: Ask questions you don’t know the answer to. #gnomedex

11:36:08 AM: They call it “Inside the Actor’s anus” in his LA circle. #gnomedex

11:36:43 AM: Awkward silences are good. #gnomedex

11:38:05 AM: I’m liveblogging #gnomedex here. Refresh for updates.

11:38:05 AM: I’m liveblogging #gnomedex here. Refresh for updates.

11:39:21 AM: Get their attention, win their trust, and earn their respect #gnomedex

11:39:21 AM: Get their attention, win their trust, and earn their respect #gnomedex

11:43:59 AM: – Warren Etheredge #gnomedex

11:47:49 AM: @chrispirillo is back up. Talking about social media. Introducing @chrisbrogan #gnomedex

11:49:12 AM: Live blogging @chrisbrogan and @julien #gnomedex

11:49:28 AM: Most of this room are new #gnomedex people. Wow!

11:50:33 AM: @julien: Talking to the audience about “us” being the models of their book. #gnomedex

11:52:39 AM: Talking about “the attention wars”. Everyone is a publisher.

11:53:58 AM: Three levels of attention: awareness, reputation and trust #gnomedex

11:56:18 AM: a trust equation: trust = social capital, sc + web = links, sc + w = traffic, sc+w= social proof, sc+w= a b f’n network #gnomedex

11:56:25 AM: – Trust Agents @Julien and @chrisbrogan #gnomedex

11:58:49 AM: Make your own game. #gnomedex

12:00:01 PM: @julien is talking about sports. I don’t understand sports. #gnomedex :-)

12:01:09 PM: Make your own game. Find your value differentation, createa a new word for yourself, learn the systems – attuned / distorted #gnomedex

12:01:44 PM: Everyone here agrees there is ONLY ONE “Matrix”. #gnomedex

12:02:46 PM: Be one of us. #gnomedex

12:03:42 PM: @chrisbrogan was on Dr. Phil as a social media expert. #gnomedex (did you see this? got it recorded?)

12:04:02 PM: We miss @gregcangialosi! #gnomedex

12:05:14 PM: @gregcangialosi is there before the sale. Be there before the sale. #gnomedex

12:05:14 PM: @gregcangialosi is there before the sale. Be there before the sale. #gnomedex

12:07:52 PM: Playing Weezer video about 12-sided die. #gnomedex

12:08:55 PM: find the agent zero. seek frictionless distribution. be everywhere and create/maintain bonds. all knowledge…

12:09:37 PM: Worst picture ever of @mikearrington #gnomedex

12:10:15 PM: Always leverage what works. #gnomedex

12:11:57 PM: Talking about the Bill Gates mosquito incident @ TED. #gnomedex

12:12:25 PM: build off your previous success. never start from nothing. its all chips: winning the game is table stakes for the NEXT game. #gnomedex

12:13:41 PM: be at the elbow of every deal. #gnomedex

12:14:20 PM: 150 is the max connections you can have. #gnomedex Connect with other agent zeros at the centre. #gnomedex

12:16:15 PM: be the priest, build the church. be the relationship before the sale. you live or die by your database. be part of everyone’s 150 #gnomedex

12:16:23 PM: always gather people #gnomedex

12:16:49 PM: Find ways to connect outside of your database. Don’t count just on Twitter or Facebook. #gnomedex

12:18:26 PM: etiquette matters #gnomedex

12:23:12 PM: connect people constantly, share instead of horde, practice simple touchpoints of loyalty, self aware vs. self involved #gnomedex

12:24:43 PM: Talking about Obama. #gnomedex

12:25:18 PM: build a large group of people to make an impact #gnomedex

12:25:37 PM: Talking about bum rush the charts. #gnomedex

12:27:06 PM: Chris’s comic book store DMs him with new comic releases that HE is interested in. Great example of small bix Twitter use #gnomedex

12:27:36 PM: give your ideas handles, teach them to fish, bring your own dialtone. #gnomedex

12:30:20 PM: You can’t watch all of your relationships. You can keep friendly, but it’s not as deep. #gnomedex

12:30:34 PM: If you just make friends on the Internet, you’ll die alone #gnomedex

12:33:10 PM: Everything we do on the Internet is forever. #gnomedex

12:33:27 PM: Divorce lawyers LOVE Facebook. #gnomedex

12:38:37 PM: Taking a break @gnomedex #gnomedex

12:46:05 PM: @chrispirillo’s dad is ringing a cow bell to herd us back to our seats. I love it! #gnomedex

12:48:06 PM: @chrispirillo Class! Class! Class! Shad up!!! #gnomedex

12:48:35 PM: Please come back to your seats #gnomedex

12:50:30 PM: I’m live blogging #gnomedex here:

12:51:16 PM: Phil Plait Bad Astronomy Blog coming up #gnomedex

12:52:29 PM: – Nice bottle @jonessodaco #gnomedex

12:53:30 PM: Hi I’m Phil and I’m a dork. It’s been 20 minutes since my last tweet. LOL! #gnomedex

12:54:43 PM: Every skeptic is skeptical about those who claim they are skeptics in the room #gnomedex

12:56:47 PM: @chris_suspect gave me one of his copies of The Suspects on vinyl. Old skool punk rawk! You rule good sir. Thanks!

12:58:12 PM: What is skepticism? Questioning, Demanding evidence, examining evidence, basing conclusions on previous experience, using logic, being..

12:58:22 PM: …being willing to drop an idea if it’s wrong. #gnomedex

1:00:41 PM: There’s nothing worse than blogging something, then someone telling you you’re wrong. #gnomedex

1:01:11 PM: Don’t edit your blog when you’re wrong. Use a strikethrough and add a note. HIs blog is filled with these. #gnomedex

1:09:51 PM: Talking about online skepticism.

1:11:42 PM: Talking about how Kevin Trudeau is killing people with his bullshit cures. #gnomedex

1:13:00 PM: Why is skepticism important? It sucks to be fooled. You can lose your money. You can lose your life. #gnomedex

1:13:52 PM: You wanna be a skeptic? Have you ever… Talked to friends at bar, “I heard that…” Be alarmed! #gnomedex

1:14:11 PM: … sent your mum to #gnomedex

1:14:28 PM: …e mailed an advertiser to complain #gnomedex

1:14:35 PM: …. yelled at your TV #gnomedex

1:15:15 PM: … tweeted about something that pissed you off. #gnomedex

1:15:28 PM: …talked at a confernce about skepticism #gnomedex

1:16:21 PM: 2 kinds of Skepticism. Top Down Skepticism. Center for Inquiry, Skeptics Society, Australian Skeptics, James Randi Foundation #gnomedex

1:17:12 PM: I’m live blogging #gnomedex here: Sorry for flooding your Twitter and FB streams.

1:18:44 PM: Grassroots Skepticism. Doubter power. #gnomedex

1:19:59 PM: Stop Sylvia Browne, Skepchick, What’s the harm?, Skeptic’s Dictionary, TeenSkepchick, Young Australian Sketics, Skepticamp #gnomedex

1:20:34 PM: This is awesome! #gnomedex

1:22:03 PM: Few people in the room participate in BBSes now. #gnomedex.

1:22:34 PM: The skeptic’s mating call is <deep sigh> LOL! #gnomedex

1:24:28 PM: “is there anyone who doesn’t know what a social network is?” @scobleizer raised his hand :-) #gnomedex

1:25:46 PM: Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1. #robotpickuplines. #gnomedex LOL!

1:26:18 PM: Sorry for my late replies kids. Trying to keep up with #gnomedex to share this with you.

1:26:32 PM: Reddit now has a skeptism section #gnomedex

1:38:42 PM: PLugging Penn & Teller “Bullshit” (I do too!) Love them. #gnomedex

1:41:29 PM: Christine Peterson is up speaking now. She coined the term “open source”. WOW! #gnomedex

1:45:53 PM: Health Squared. #gnomedex “We’re made out of meat”

1:46:42 PM: You see people hitting soccer balls with their head. Would you do that with your laptop? Rethink that. #gnomedex

1:47:44 PM: The FDA doesn’t find aging a problem. #gnomedex

1:50:09 PM: Talking about “life extention” #gnomedex

1:52:08 PM: Things to help in life extention: stress reduction, physical risk reduction, mood improvement, sleep in a very dark room, sex, laugter….

1:53:14 PM: Stress reduction is #1 #gnomedex

1:55:33 PM:

1:58:36 PM: You can do mailorder blood tests. #gnomedex

2:02:08 PM: Talking about vitamins and supplements. I’m a little overwhlemed. I also forgot my vitamins in Nashville – doh. #gnomedex

2:04:04 PM: Life Extension Foundation will advise on what vitamins you should take. #gnomedex

2:04:47 PM: Also, Kronos,, #gnomedex

2:11:57 PM: Please vote for my panel on passion at SXSW I’d really appreciate your thumbs. Thanks.

2:19:09 PM: Lifespan is extending 3 months per year. #gnomedex

2:24:50 PM: Taking a lunch break #gnomedex

2:24:50 PM: Taking a lunch break #gnomedex

3:30:55 PM: Back from a great #gnomedex lunch.

3:31:15 PM: Personal Manufacturing: The Robots that Sharing Built – Bre Pettis #gnomedex

3:34:08 PM: @bre Talking about @makerbot his 3D printer.

3:36:26 PM: Fwd: Hey @chrispirillo Just whatching #gnomedex (watch live > (via

3:41:15 PM: Watching THIS video at #gnomedex

3:43:27 PM: Sharing is the best thing ever. #gnomedex

3:43:38 PM: RT @penmachine: “Bonus points for being able to print out your… uh… body… parts.” – @bre at #gnomedex

3:46:25 PM: Physical objects are the new Internet #gnomedex

3:46:56 PM: Walt Disney’s head on a plate #gnomedex

4:11:38 PM: Scrolling on the surface table.

4:31:48 PM: Firas Khatib from foldit is up. #gnomedex

4:35:01 PM: We’re watching a demo of a protein video game. #gnomedex Check out

4:38:03 PM: By playing foldit, you’re helping scientifc research. It’s pretty wild/complex. #gnomedex

4:38:57 PM: I’m still live blogging #gnomedex here:

4:40:05 PM: I understand that we are solving scientific puzzles by playing Foldit. #gnomedex

4:49:13 PM: #Gnomedex is the poor man’s TED. Thank you @chrispirillo and everyone involved! You all are rockstars.

4:52:14 PM: AH HA Moment! Playing Foldit will help cure diseases. #gnomedex I can get behind that!

4:57:50 PM: as humans we naturally want to solve puzzles. We also enjoy competition and community. Thus, why we need to play Foldit. #gnomedex

5:00:40 PM: – Trying to crash Surface with my ugly mug #gnomedex

5:06:13 PM: I #BlameDrewsCancer for you not blaming Drew’s cancer on anything today:

5:13:18 PM: We’re about to meet a search engine spammer. Awkward. #gnomedex

5:15:03 PM: @oilman is talking about how he spammed search engines.

5:20:25 PM: RSS stands for Really Simple… STEALING!! Dave Winer will not be pleased :) #gnomedex

5:20:44 PM: SPLOGS! #gnomedex

5:21:38 PM: He’s worried about the 15 minute break after his session. Especially after confessing to splogging. SPLOGS!! #gnomedex

5:22:58 PM: Note the search and the results #gnomedex

5:24:10 PM: Spammers are buying .edu domains for emails. #gnomedex

5:25:14 PM: He was responsible for comment spam on 2004/5 blogs. #gnomedex

5:26:50 PM: He get’s clobbered by spammers on his blog now. Audience member yelled NOT ENOUGH!!! #gnomedex

5:30:03 PM: Talking about Twitter spam. #gnomedex

5:31:24 PM: He estimates half of Twitter profiles are spammer bots. #gnomedex

5:33:11 PM: “I only got the money if you bought the pills” @oilman

5:42:00 PM: @oilman You can contact Ronni Bennett here I think she would love for you to post about spam #gnomedex

5:43:03 PM: We’re locked out of FriendFeed. #gnomedex

5:46:26 PM: RT @akula: Sounds like Friendfeed needs a Viagra prescription #gnomedex

6:02:40 PM: What are you doing for dinner #gnomedex?

6:03:39 PM: Ignite is about to begin. I love this part of #gnomedex!

6:04:53 PM: @brady best dressed @ #gnomedex?

6:06:13 PM: Some previous Ignites #gnomedex

6:07:14 PM: Elan Lee! One of my favorites from Ignite 2 years ago #gnomedex

6:20:35 PM: Have you checked this out yet?

6:22:20 PM: Great job @BAoki #gnomedex

6:31:25 PM: 5 minute lectures would be better than an hour. #gnomedex

6:34:39 PM: Marshmallow Study. Interesting. #gnomedex

6:34:39 PM: Marshmallow Study. Interesting. #gnomedex

6:42:43 PM: @drew Up at #gnomedex

6:45:09 PM: The shelves in @chrispirillo’s house must be really low. – @drew #gnomedex

6:53:42 PM: @drew called Bob Barker and he wouldn’t answer. #gnomedex

6:54:03 PM: @drew called Alf and he answered, and he wouldn’t shut up. #gnomedex

6:59:27 PM: Fwd: If I ever have a serious illness, I hope I am as “social” as @drew. Truly cool guy! #gnomedex (via…

7:04:07 PM: Fwd: Watch live: Drew Olanoff of #blamedrewscancer on raising awareness with social media.

7:06:17 PM: Fwd: @Sw33ti3 we’re loving your son @drew’s talk at #gnomedex (via

7:08:29 PM: I #blamedrewscancer on Mike’s poor browser navigation skillz #gnomedex

7:15:02 PM: @drew just wrapped up. GREAT job man! #gnomedex.

7:17:34 PM: Order of the FEZ explained #gnomedex

7:20:10 PM: Doing some giveaways before we break for dinner. #gnomedex.

7:21:33 PM: I’ll continue live blogging #gnomedex tomorrow:

7:26:47 PM: Anybody want to go here? #gnomedex

7:32:42 PM: Going to for dinner at 6:30. Coming?

7:35:08 PM: Dinner at 6:30 here: #gnomedex. You in?

12:12:23 AM: At #gnomedex party! Woot!

12:13:31 AM: @Brady check out

1:25:23 AM: Heading to ZigZag

1:28:11 AM: Anybody still at ZigZag? #gnomedex


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