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Francis Ford Coppola Fans Listen To This

I’m a big film fan. Unfortunately I don’t have the time these days to see as many movies as I wish I could. Years ago I use to live in a video store in Toronto, I’d rent two or three videos per night.

One way I stay on top of movies now is by listening to my friend Jett Loe and his co-host Doctor Gareth Higgins. Together the guys host an incredible film podcast called The Film Talk.

The chemistry between the hosts is incredible. They are also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to film knowledge. It’s a fun show because their reviews of classic and new films are always heated, intelligent and hilarious.

I was so excited to learn that the lads landed an interview with none other than Francis Ford Coppola! Any film fan would be nuts not to give the episode a listen. I’m so happy that I now have another friend who has encountered the famous director too. Yep, I had my own run with Coppola too.

A few years ago Heather and I were attending the Toronto International Film Festival. We were watching the screening of Jim Jarmusch‘s Coffee and Cigarettes. The film was a wonderful collection of short films revolving around, you guessed it, coffee and cigarettes.

When the film ended I noticed Francis Ford Coppola sitting a few aisles down from us. I had to explain to Heather that he was the guy who brought us such incredible films as the Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now.

In an instant of being awestruck by the incredible director, I turned and whispered to Heather that I was going to rub shoulders with him. She looked at my like I was mad (insane, not angry).

As the audience started to leave their seats and enter the aisle I had my chance! I quickly pounced down the aisle to Francis and without him even realizing it, I gently rubbed my shoulder against his. It was hilarious.

Heather caught back up to me as I explained that now I can tell the world that I rubbed shoulders with Francis Ford Coppola.

I only wish I knew The Film Talk was going to interview Francis, perhaps he noticed and would remember me (not!).

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Now check out Francis Ford Coppola predict YouTube!


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