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What If Your Basket Breaks?

eggs in one basket Photo by: cmiked

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. This is certainly the lesson from today’s unexpected Twitter outage and Facebook’s flakiness.

In life we tend to stick to the places we’re most comfortable, we like to go where everyone knows our name (nod to Norm).

Twitter users (including myself) today felt lost and disconnected when we couldn’t log in. We felt nervous when we didn’t even see the infamous fail whale.

There is no telling when a social network might break. It happens, sometimes they are repaired quickly and other times they disappear forever.

Don’t rely on one place to converse with your friends, colleagues and customers.

WebWorkerDaily posted some great tips today on how to back up your contacts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – you should go do that now. You never know when that basket is going to break.


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