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Read This Please. Tell Your Friends.

I had a post written about this, but I love what Jeff Sass wrote. Here’s a snippet and link to his blog. Please take a moment to give it a read. It’s important.

A couple of months ago, at the behest of Dave Delaney, a group of 18 manly men of Twitter left our pride (and in a few cases, much of our clothing) at the door and volunteered our photos for a fund-raising calendar, “The 18 Hottest Men On Twitter.” While we had fun taking the photos, and blogged and tweeted about it when it first became available, very few of you responded, judging from the somewhat lackluster initial sales. When us self-proclaimed “HotMen” debriefed ourselves and questioned our poor results, it quickly became apparent that this was not about us, it was about THE CAUSE, and despite our desire to do some good, perhaps we had lost sight of that in favor of giggling at our goofy pictures.

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