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Feed Me Your Newspapers

Newspapers RSS Feeds I am increasingly getting my news from my iPhone, specifically from Google Reader. I can’t tell you how many mornings I wake up, switch my phone on, and read my feeds straight from my bed. I love the convenience and speed of RSS.

What is driving me crazy is that old media still doesn’t get it. Newspapers, please make your content available to me, so I can consume it in the easiest way possible.

The Guardian seems to be the only newspaper that has their full articles available in their feed. Other papers I’m interested in subscribing to like the New York Times, Tennessean, Toronto Star and Globe and Mail only share snippets of stories. Those snippets then link to the full story back on the corresponding site. This opens another window on my phone and takes time for the page to load. It’s annoying.

Ads can be added to RSS feeds, so if it’s concern for lost ad revenue why not add the ads? In addition to advertising, social bookmarks can be included in feeds. It’s a perfect way to help spread the stories straight from their original sources. I share things in my Google Reader all of the time, have a look below to see some of my recent shared items.

So how about it newspapers? How about publishing your full stories in your RSS feeds? Pretty please.


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