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Dumb Dog Wants To Know How To Get Things Done

Fertörakos #16 by: onkel_wartI’m pretty organized at work. I tend to have a decent grasp at keeping on track at the office. When I’m at home it’s a different story.

You know those lovable dumb dogs? I’m picturing one with a shaggy head of blond hair, with a big tongue hanging out of his mouth endlessly. That’s me at home.

Tonight my wife and I set a schedule of things we each need to get done each night, each week. It’s an attempt to keep us both on track. When I mix housework and being a good husband and dad it’s tough to find much free time. This is no complaint, only a note about how tricky time management is.

Nothing is more important than playing with my kids and wife, but I feel like I’m constantly falling behind on my online life on the weekends. What’s trending on Twitter? What are my friends talking about? What news am I missing from Mashable, TechCrunch, Techmeme, etc?

I try to read my feeds on my phone each night, but getting through everything is impossible. Being a social media professional is an full over-time job. I don’t go to the bathroom without my iPhone!

I shoot to wake up early in the morning to read, actually read a book. The trouble is when I awake early, my daughter’s hyper-sensitive ears pick up the sound in a second. There’s no sneaking past her. By the time I read Trust Agents agents will no longer be trusted. I’m hoping to have my time better organized by the time Julien and Chris‘ book is available.

During evenings I try to pick up my guitar to practice, but I’ve been slacking there lately. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day or night to do everything.

I try to find the time to right blog posts, but I don’t want to write simply to write. I want to write something you’re interested in, something you enjoy. Enjoying this?

How do you manage your time? What’s the best way to do it? What GTD (get things done) tools do you use? How do you fit it all in, so you don’t finish each day feeling like a dumb dog?


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