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Free TTC Subway Chime Ringtone

Riding the Subway in Toronto

My family and I recently had a blast visiting my hometown, Toronto. It was so good to get home to see family and friends.

One unexpected highlight of the trip for my kids was a ride on the subway.

Sam hadn’t been on the TTC since he was a baby, Ella had never been on a subway before. I thought it funny to consider that I was riding the subway alone when I was probably 12 years old.

The subway door chime is now apart of my children’s vocabulary. A car says “honk”, a train says “choo choo”, and a subway says “ding, dang, dong!”. :-)

In honor of my friends in Toronto, I’ve made a nifty TTC subway ringtone that I’m sure you’ll be amused with. You can download it here for free.

Hat Tip to John Neilson for helping me track the side clip down.


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