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Let’s Talk Tools Nashville

A heated discussion appeared recently on Milt Capp’s Venture Nashville blog. The short version is that a popular programmer and business owner named Luke Kanies had decided to move his business and family from Nashville to Portland.

Much of the Nashville tech community is already well aware (and part) of the conversation that transpired through the comments on Milt’s post. It’s a great discussion you should check out.

Kate, Paul and others chatted with me about the issue at the Geek Breakfast shortly after. I suggested creating a small roundtable where a few people could connect and talk tech each month. This isn’t something that is going to solve the issues pertaining to the business side of technology in Nashville, but I do think it will help further connect our community. So here’s the deal….

Photo by: geishaboy500

Each month a roundtable will be created for up to 8 people (including yours truly) to discuss their current favorite online tools.

New tools related to GTD, analytics, blogging, podcasting, SEO, SEM, social media, open source, and design are being created daily. It’s difficult not to get lost in the clutter.

The purpose of this casual get together is to hang out and to talk about the tools we’re using. What’s making our lives easier as online professionals?

Due to the need to keep this talk intimate and casual it’s number of people needs to be kept to a minimum. This is not an exclusive club, it’s open to the first 7 people who RSVP each month.

There may be an opportunity to record and podcast the chats for those of you who may miss it. I apologize for keeping the number so low, but it’s the only way to make this work. If the first group agree, perhaps the number will be increased next month.

I’m really looking forward to our first Tool Talk. I hope to see you there.

RSVP now to reserve your seat. Please plan to buy a drink and/or some food while you’re there.


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