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Reach Out and Touch Someone

Reach out and touch someone was a tagline used in Bell Telephone advertising when I was a kid. The premise was a simple one. Don’t lose connection with people, pick up the phone and call them.
I’m wondering if we’re beginning to lose that voice to voice connection these days.

I was speaking with a friend today about how we tend to be using our phones, our mobile phones, in every other way than an actual telephone. I use my iPhone to play games, record audio, take photos, instant messaging, do banking, check and reply to email, listen to music and podcasts, text and tweet my friends.

I use my telephone feature only to call my family. I will sometimes speak to friends, but it’s seldom. I am much more likely to text and tweet them than to dial their number. With call display I think we’re all guilty of ignoring calls too.

Is the social web and mobile phone features making me anti-social?

I’m curious. What do you use your mobile phone for primarily? When was the last time you reached out and touched someone?

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