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Reach Out and Touch Someone

Reach out and touch someone was a tagline used in Bell Telephone advertising when I was a kid. The premise was a simple one. Don’t lose connection with people, pick up the phone and call them.
I’m wondering if we’re beginning to lose that voice to voice connection these days.

I was speaking with a friend today about how we tend to be using our phones, our mobile phones, in every other way than an actual telephone. I use my iPhone to play games, record audio, take photos, instant messaging, do banking, check and reply to email, listen to music and podcasts, text and tweet my friends.

I use my telephone feature only to call my family. I will sometimes speak to friends, but it’s seldom. I am much more likely to text and tweet them than to dial their number. With call display I think we’re all guilty of ignoring calls too.

Is the social web and mobile phone features making me anti-social?

I’m curious. What do you use your mobile phone for primarily? When was the last time you reached out and touched someone?

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  • It was hard to pick one thing (Twitter) as I believe I use my phone for several things equally. Phone calls do fall down a ways on the list. On the other hand, as long as we are socializing in person, we're not being anti-social by not talking on the phone. We're just communicating in a different way.

  • Great comment. There is something to be said for real connection
    though. Voice is the closest thing to meeting in person.

    I'm not talking down about online relationships, far from it. I'm just
    saying that relationships become stronger in person.

    I hear you about even choices. I use my phone for Twitter and Google
    Reader most.


  • The poll results don't come as a surprise. We are talking about a bunch of geeks.

  • Ha! I'm not conducting a scientific study. I'm just curious.

    Good point though.

  • As part of m part of me saving money for the last 2 years now (NOT as a result to the recession), I totally downsized. I went from blackberry to iphone down to the most boring flip phone with Virgin. It has become totally foreign to me to use my phone for anything else but talking to people. I oftentimes dream of the world that I could simply use my phone for all those fun things. It would drastically change how I do business with 2.0, but for now, I have to use my phone as a phone and get down to business (and maybe text a few messages to twitter).

    Cheers, Hans

  • Thanks Hans. I'm sure that Rogers has something to do with that too. It's
    remarkable how ripped off Canadians are when it comes to mobile services.
    It's practically criminal not to encourage Canadians to use and develop new
    mobile tools. That's a good reason why you see so much cell phone innovation
    coming from outside of Canada. It's too bad too.

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