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I have a growing number of friends looking for work. It’s a tough market out there. I’ve been “between jobs” from time to time in my life, we all have. The truth is that you have to get off your butt if you’re going to find a new job, it’s not easy and it’s exhausting. It’s a lot of work to find work.

I came across a shared post on my friend C.C. Chapman’s Google Reader account. I’m so glad I subscribe to his shared items, you should too.

The post is by Mark Cuban, it’s entitled “Success & Motivation – 2009“. Mark writes:

This is the year of WTF. Yep, What the F&&&.

It doesn’t matter what got you to the point of saying it. Maybe you got fired/layed off. Maybe your company went out of business. Maybe you quit because you couldn’t take it any longer. Maybe you are just graduating from school and the prospects of living at home are far worse than cramming in with 12 roommates in a beater house or apartment you call “The Hotel”.  Whatever the reason, the question is how do you turn this time into the start of something good ?

Mark includes a WTF To Do List that you really should read, whether you’re looking for work or not.

The sentiment of Mark’s post reminds me of the classic scene from the film Risky Business. No, not the underwear wearing Tom Cruise scene. No, not the steamy subway scene. I’m talking about this one (it’s not safe for work).

Those are great words of wisdom.

While you’re out there on the job hunt say WTF. Remember that WTF gives you freedom, freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future.


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