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Buy a T-shirt, Get an Album

Mos Def
I heard today that Mos Def’s incredible new album, The Ecstatic, is available for free to people who buy a T-shirt. What a cool idea! This is a pretty clever approach at selling music merchandise.

Pitchfork writes:

Selling albums these days is hard! So the music/fashion company Invisible DJ, working with the fashion designer LnA, has come up with this idea called the Music Tee.

After a sampler that the Invisible DJ people curated, The Ecstatic is the first album available in the Music Tee format. Mos Def’s Downtown Music labelmates Santigold and Miike Snow also have Music Tees on the way.

The LnA product page writes:

Music innovator Invisible DJ has teamed up with fashion designer LnA to create The Music Tee, a T- shirt that is creatively designed to contain “album art” on the front, and a track list on the back. Each shirt comes with a hang tag printed with a URL and a unique code; each code will allow the owner of the shirt to download one copy of each of the tracks printed on the shirt from the Music Tee Room on LnA’s website.

Even if the $60.00 T-shirt isn’t your style, I highly recommend you check out the album.


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