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Flip Camera has awesome customer service

Flip Camera's Customer Service Rocks

On March 16, I was sitting in the Blogger Lounge in the Austin Convention Center for SXSW Interactive. The good folks at Zappos were doing a giveaway via Twitter, to the first tweet from the lounge. I was the proud winner of a Flip camera!

I’ve always wanted a Flip camera. I was slightly bummed that I didn’t win an HD one, but beggars can’t be choosers. I was thrilled to win the Flip regardless of it’s type. It’s an older model that actually takes Double A batteries, which is convenient when traveling.

Today my Flip was dead. I replaced the batteries, but the new juice did nothing to resuscitate it. I checked Flip’s website and found a customer service number, so I thought I’d give it a shout to see what could be done. Did I mention this was on a Sunday?

I rang the number and was pleasantly surprised when a human answered their support extension. She was charming and friendly, very happy for someone stuck at the office on a Sunday.

As it happens, the Flip doesn’t do well when you allow the batteries to die completely. In fact, it takes up to 72 hours for the camera to reset itself. You need to remove the dead batteries and leave the device alone, for three days. It’s a bummer this is the case, but I’m not complaining. This post isn’t about the device, it’s about how awesome Pure Digital Technologies’ (Flip’s parent company) customer support is.

Kudos to the good people at Flip for answering the phone on a Sunday, and for being knowledgable, curteous and friendly. Thanks also to Zappos for the Flip. Cheers.


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