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Small Businesses Using Twitter

I just wrote a post about how food vendors are using Twitter to connect with their clientele last week. I think it’s awesome that savvy independent business owners are taking advantage of using Twitter.

I’ve got two Nashville examples of how small businesses are using Twitter.

Last weekend my family and I went to the Farmers’ Market. I love supporting independent businesses, the Farmers’ Market is the place to accomplish this. One of the best parts of shopping at the Farmers’ Market is the food!

Fleur de lis flavors

I was as excited as my kids when I introduced them to Fleur de Lis Flavors. That’s the incredibly tasty, New Orleans style snowball shop. The kids were ecstatic about the flavored snow they were gobbling down, I was ecstatic about the fact that they are using Twitter. Shout out to @gman2012 too.

I should add that the snow was great too. Where I’m from we tend to avoid colored snow :-)

Two or three weeks ago I sent a message on Twitter to @belcourt, Nashville’s incredible independent cinema. I was inquiring to see if they may be screening the documentary, Objectified, any time soon. The Belcourt Cinema replied quickly informing me that they were trying to get their hands on the film.

Belcourt Theatre on Twitter

Two weeks later I received a tweet from @belcourt that the film is tentatively scheduled for July 17th. They remembered that I had inquired about this, that’s INCREDIBLE customer service.

These are two examples of how small businesses are using Twitter effectively. Do you have a local example too?


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