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Nutritter Is Counting My Calories Through Twitter

During SXSW Interactive 2009, I ran into an old friend from SXSW Interactive 2008, Simeon Margolis. Sims is the founder of the popular audioblogging service, Utterz (now Utterli), but he’s now on to bigger and healthier things.

I was very happy to receive an invite to the alpha version of his new venture, Nutritter. It’s an impressive service that helps you count calories. You simply send Nutritter a tweet or direct message on Twitter, and it tallies up your calorie intake for the day.

Like dieting and exercising, I must admit that I’ve been slacking a little this week on using Nutritter. There’s no good reason for it, I should really be ashamed. However, it really is simple to use, so there’s no excuse for me not to be using it.

Check out this brief explanation from Simeon himself:

The experience has been great so far. I tested Nutritter by DMing what was in my meal, I ate terribly yesterday, but I’ve been trying to be better. A few minutes later I received this reply.

Nutritter Twitter Direct Message

Nutritter Twitter Direct Message

Once logged into on my browser, I can look at all of the items I’ve consumed. I can press a simple Eat It button to eat it again, which is a great idea to save users from having to enter the same foods twice. I can also see a calorie count of what I’ve eaten, and what my friends have had (if they choose to share it).

I think including general information, cited from say the Heart & Stroke Foundation on recommended calorie intake per day would be useful.

Nutritter is a great idea for Twitterholics looking to live a healthier lifestyle, and shouldn’t we all be?


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