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Pants or No Pants with Kurt Daradics and Jolie O’Dell

The social web rocks, because it brings us all together, both online and off.

Yesterday I got a message from my friend C.C. Chapman that his friend Jolie O’Dell was coming in to Nashville. Jolie and friends, KurtyD and Dingman are cruising across America on a fun-filled roadtwip.

We met at South Street for some great lunch and conversation over Web 2.0 schtuff. We marveled at how cool it is that complete strangers can now connect so easily online (and then off). Life is wonderful on the social web.

Our conversation turned to podcasting. I mentioned that when my wife and I use to have a show called Two Boobs and a Baby, and that we coined the term (or at least we claim we did) “pantless podcasting”. This inspired my two new buddies to break out into song, here’s a taste:

Tonight the RoadTwip gang are throwing a meet up at Sambuca at 7:30. If you’re in the area you really should join us, it’s going to be a fun night.


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