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Do I Have Pig Flu?

Swine Flu on Twitter

Swine Flu is all the craze on Twitter (and just about everywhere else too). Just a couple of days ago, Mashable reported that there were 10,000 mentions per hour of the dreaded virus! Twitter hysteria has really begun, but creativity and hilarity has also followed.

I would say the most popular retweeted silly item is the domain: Go there now if you haven’t yet, it’s pretty funny.

According to Re:Tweetist, the domain is the second most popular retweeted item on Twitter. Hats off to Jason DeFillippo for creating such a hilarious page, and for inspiring others to play along.

What’s really brilliant is something I don’t think anybody has noticed. I should mention that I am not slamming Jason here, I think it’s a smart idea. The link to the Amazon page is an affiliate link. This means that for those of you who actually buy a mask, Jason is getting a cut.

Now I hardly imagine Jason is going to be able to retire with the cash he’s earning from Amazon. I hope he’s at least earning enough to pay for his hosting fees. If you think the site is hilarious, you may even choose to buy a mask to support him.

Let’s just hope we don’t all need a mask soon, but if I do I know where I’ll be going to buy one.


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