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Think Again Before Stealing That Car

Imagine watching your car being stolen. Naturally, it would be a terrible experience, because you would be helpless. You’d call the police, but you may as well kiss that car good-bye.

I did a quick search and found some interesting statistics from an FBI report from 2006:

  • a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 26.4 seconds. The odds of a vehicle being stolen were 1 in 207 in 2005.
  • only 12.6 percent of thefts were cleared by arrests in 2006.

Pretty grim numbers, eh?

Now imagine someone stealing your car, picture them speeding off in the distance from your driveway. You smile at the shocked witnesses as you reach into your pocket to grab your cell phone.

You send a quick text message to your car, and the unsuspecting thief’s latest score fails him. The car safely begins to slow down and will not start again, until you enter another text message to tell it to.

This is *very* cool.


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