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A Social Media Experiment Success!

Bryant MemorialA week ago Sunday I wrote a post about a social media experiment. My friend, Chris Ennis (@dotrage), set up a memorial fund for John Byrant.

John was the sole survivor in a tornado touchdown that ripped his wife and three-month old daughter, Olivia, from his hands. John was actually carried up and through the roof of what remained of his home.

Chris decided to set up a fund to collect donations for John to cover his medical costs and memorial services for his family.

The experiment portion of this was simple. I decided to tweet it out to some of my most popular friends on Twitter. I also publicly appealed to friends on Twitter to please retweet the tweet. The idea was to generated as much awareness of this as possible. So when John awoke from his critical condition, he would see that his community, our community, was here. We were.

In just over two weeks we have collectivley recieved more than $15,000! That is what true social media is all about. This is how we can use this for good.

Let’s tweet a little less about Ashston and Oprah, and a little more about causes we should be particiapting in.

Have you seen a good example of micro-philanthorpy lately? Tell us about it please.


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