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I’m Fat Blogging With A Guitar

Dave Is Learning How To Play The Guitar

In case you missed the news, I’m learning how to play the guitar. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for many years, now I’m finally doing it.

The difference between the ways I have tried and failed in the past is that this time I’m doing it publicly. This time I’m doing it with you.

The idea is an old one based on a phenomenon called fat blogging. I believe it was Joseph Jaffe who I first heard about this from. The concept is for people to publicly lose weight by blogging it. Your community encourages you, supports you, and tsks you when you cheat. You do it publicly and honestly. My friend, Jeremy Wright, is currently kicking ass fat blogging – GO Jeremy!

So my plan is to learn how to play the guitar by blogging about it. By using YouTube I will be able to share videos of my progress with you. I’m also using Ustream to practice in real time, via webcam, in front of you. There’s a convenient chat room, so when I’m playing you can pop in to say hello or to give me some tips (I need all of the tips I can get).

Follow my Twitter account and I’ll let you know when I’m about to go live. I’d love to see you drop in and say howdy.

Drop by Dave Is Learning How To Play The Guitar for a quick peak at what I’m up to.


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