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Will YouTube Die?

R.I.P. YouTube could very well be the future, final blog post title on the popular video sharing site’s official blog (did you know they have a blog?). I recommend you read

  • Google will lose $470 million on the video-sharing site this year alone. To put it another way, the Boston Globe, which is on track to lose $85 million in 2009, is five times more profitable—or, rather, less unprofitable—than YouTube.
  • not even Google can long sustain a company that’s losing close to half a billion dollars a year.
  • Advertisers don’t like paying very much to support homemade photos and videos. As a result, the economics of user-generated sites are even more crushing than those of the newspaper business.
  • YouTube sells ads on fewer than 10 percent of its videos.
  • they pay for a broadband connection capable of sending data at the equivalent of 30 million megabits-per-second—about 6 million times as fast as your home Internet connection. All this bandwidth costs Google $360 million a year, the analysts estimate.
  • YouTube spends about $250 million a year to acquire licenses to broadcast professionally produced videos.
  • the cost of running YouTube for one year exceeds $700 million.
  • the company makes only a fraction of that back in advertising—about $240 million in revenues for 2009.
  • Digital Ethnography class at the


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