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My Birthday is Today

 Fun Happy Colorful Birthday Party BalloonsRecently there was some confusion over Chris Brogan’s birthday. He had it listed on Facebook as April 1st, so loads of people (including myself) wished him a happy birthday that day. It was only later that Chris had to post a message on his blog about it not actually being his birthday.

Something similar happened earlier in the year when I sent birthday wishes to Chris Penn. As it turned out he had a fake birth date in his Facebook profile too.

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, my real birthday is actually today. :-)

You can read an explanation of why we use incorrect birth dates on different social networks on my previous post, Read this before you register anywhere.

Regardless, thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes yesterday and today! I awoke this morning, having slept in a little, to balloons and pancakes. My wife wrote a really amazing card, and my kids were already begging for cake – cakeaholics.

When I got to work my friends were kind enough to spruce up my desk with a familiar blue bird – YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS! Luckily, there was only one whale sighting.

I also got a tweet from @loudestnoise who has started a #ddbday hashtag, too funny. I’m watching my birthday greetings in real time now – thanks guys. :-)

UPDATE: The #ddbday tag was actually started by @nashvillegeeks, thanks guys.

Thanks to everyone for making my day so special!

Photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography


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