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A Social Experiment Tonight For A Good Cause

I only just joked on this blog a week ago about the sometimes brutal weather in Tennessee. The previous post was made after a tornado scare.

One week later three tornadoes blew through Middle Tennessee. There is nothing fun about waiting as you watch the red outline grow closer to where you are located in the area, in my case Nashville.

On the afternoon of Friday, April 10, 2009 John Bryant, his wife Kori and newborn baby girl Olivia were caught in the direct path of a destructive F3 tornado in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The tornado claimed the lives of Kori and Olivia, leaving John critically injured.

I learned of this from my friend Chris Ennis (@dotrage on Twitter) who had met the couple before. Friends and relatives of the Bryants have started a fund to cover medical expenses and memorial services for his late wife and daughter.

Tonight I have sent direct messages on Twitter to some popular friends. I hope they jump to the opportunity of simply pressing RETWEET.

I can’t imagine losing any member of my family, my heart and thoughts are with John tonight. Let’s all do our part on the social web by spreading the word. You can use this link for further details:, and  please include the hashtag #bryantfund.

You can also log in to Twitter now and follow this link and RETWEET it.

Thanks for participating in this. Now let’s watch our message spread.


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