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Happy 4.04 Day Folks

It’s April 4th, the fourth month and the fourth day (thanks for the reminder Matt)! It’s time to get geeky and celebrate creative 404 pages.

Add your photos to celebrate 404 Day.

I did a quick search for 404 image groups on Flickr, but was disappointed with the results, so I created my own. I’m hoping you’ll grab a screenshot of your favorite error pages, then upload them to the Flickr group: The 404 Errors | Creative Examples.

Learn more about 404s here. Everyone should also read SEOmoz’s post about getting creative with your own 404 page, it’s much more important than you might think. Lastly, do check out Matt Cutt’s post about 404s, well worth the read.

Let’s see how many screen captures we can collect. Show me your 404 page. Please tell your friends, and make it an error free 404 Day!


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