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Twitter Adds Ads to Search


I think I might be totally off on this post. Thanks to @londonfilmgeek for sending me this tweet. I had HotShield on earlier today testing it. I had thought I had turned it off, but it’s quite likely that I hadn’t. They automatically place ads in your browser, so there’s a good likeliness that this was the case. If so, I apologize. — D —

Last night Twitter’s Biz Stone promised Stephen Colbert that Twitter would find a business model and earn revenue this year. The interview was funny, not hilarious and not terribly enlightening, but funny in true Colbert fashion.

Check out what I just found on Twitter Search. Looks like monetization begins today. I wonder what other high quality advertisements will appear. Are you wondering where the “You’ve Got 1 Message” ad takes you?

Twitter search advertising


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