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Are You Getting Your NetFlix Money’s Worth?

I’ve been a fan of NetFlix since I started using it in December 2007. I would much prefer going to a local video store that is actually cool, but all we’ve got is a Blockhead Video. We all know shopping at Blockbuster is lame.

I love the fact that NetFlix has an incredible selection of films, not to mention their constant availability. The thing is, like most people, we often take our sweet time to watch and return them.

I just came across a free service called FeedFlix which will tally your account. You simply log in and let it run it’s course. It then pumps out a small report on details on your movies. What’s amazing is that it breaks down what the cost of each rental is, mine is $2.47. I’m happy to conclude that I’m getting my money’s worth, are you?

FeedFlix Measures Your NetFlix

While I’m talking about NetFlix you should check out Queued, it’s an Adobe AIR powered app that you can use to access your account, queue, etc. without opening up the browser. Very cool!

Are you using NetFlix? Do you like it?

Still considering Blockbuster?


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